Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scented Geranium, New Flowers, Eggplant, Lavender, Sweet Potato, 3 Tomato Plants & Onions

I was so thrilled to find this Attar of Roses Scented Geranium today!  It releases a rose-lemon scent when brushed against.  It is suppose to get little pink flowers on it.  I use to have one but had to give it away when we left for the winter.  Hoping I can keep this one!

Here are some more flowers and perennials that we bought today.  After my wonderful gardener paid the bill he agreed we need to learn how to grow some things from seeds this next year!!!!!!

I thought this plant was a tomato plant!  Wrong I guess.  I planted one pot wth eggplant and one pot with tomato seeds.  One pot came up and one pot didn't.  I thought it was the tomato that came up but now I think it is an eggplant.  Let this be a reminder to me to label what I plant and not depend on my memory!!!

I got the last few weeds out of the lavender circle today and put a little compost and mulch around it.

Remember the sweet potato slips I was trying to grow?  I didn't do so well!  It grew the long roots but got moldy where the water stopped around it so out it went!  Better luck next time Nancy!

Three tomato plants I bought yesterday.  They are Early Girl in the front and Celebrity and Big Beef in the back.

My last picture is of my onions.  Still growing!  Yippee!!!


Cheryl said...

It is all looking good. We have not labeled things in the past and have to wait and see.

Have a wonderful evening.


Marcia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have quite an assortment of plantings. Question about your lavender: do you prune it back in the spring?

Cristy said...

Well, those leaves are definitely not tomato-like! A surprise. I guess it makes life more fun. :)

AnywhereEden said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your garden is looking great. Growing things from seeds is definitely more cost effective... you may need to explain that to your gardener a few times when you start buying lights. ;)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Marcia, Your suppose to cut back the lavender in the spring but not too early as new growth will appear on the woody stems. We didn't prune it much this year but have pruned it in the past. It seems like some of the stuff I think looks dead becomes okay so I hesitate to do it too early. I did cut just a little off yesterday. Hope this helps. Come visit again! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Crafty Cristy, Gardening is full of surprises, ups and downs. Never time to be bored! It was interesting to read how you didn't like the scarlet runner beans. I thought I might like to try them for the flowers but since I am short of space I guess I won't. Also didn't kinow you could use the leaves of nasturtians in salads so that is something to keep in mind. I knew you could use the flowers but didn't know about the leaves. Thanks for the info. Hope you will come visit me again. Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Anywhere Eden, Shhhhhh. I spend way too much gardening but any hobby costs money! Plus I have the benefit of therepy, exercise and some good food! Sorry your weather was so cold last night. Ours was cold too but don't think things froze. Hope the cold weather is behind us now and the hot, hot weather waits for awhile! I have ordered between 75 ad 80 degree weather. lol Come visit again please. Nancy

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