Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color, Petunias, Caterpillar, Speedwell, Painting, Piano, Carrots

When I stepped outdoors this morning before church the yard was ablaze with color!  What a treat to see all the pretty flowers blooming! When we drove by the bank thermometer at 12:45p.m. it said 99 degrees!  I don't think it is quite that hot but pretty warm!  We have been watering a lot and with this hot weather it looks like we will have to keep it up for awhile!

Here is a close up of the petunias in the cart.  They were pretty tall when we bought them so thought they would get leggy fast but so far they are beautiful!  All the little white clover in the lawn is blooming also.  We are not good lawn people! lol Bob overheard a farmer in the store asking to buy clover.  We have a good crop of it without trying!

This caterpillar was on one of my dill plants.  Is this a good thing?  I don't think it is a tomato hornworm as didn't see any horns, and it is not near my tomato plants.

A low height speedwell that I bought last year.  It looks more pinkish in the flower bed.

My Wonderful Gardener is a handyman too!  He is sprucing up the percola with white paint.

I love my piano and have had a lot of enjoyment playing it.  The piano tuner was here this week and tuned it.  We bought it new when we moved here, and I have had the same piano tuner come every year.

This is the wooden pot new this year.  That is a marigold in the front, The eggplant that has come back after I accidentally cut the main stem off behind the marigold and lettuce planted behind that.  Lemon Thyme will go in here to stay this fall for next year. 

The lavender blooming away!

The Borage is starting to bloom.  I think one of these plants will be enough for me next year!

The carrots look like they are doing well.  I have tried to do better at thinning them this year so hoping they will produce some yummy carrots.  Enjoy your flowers and gardens!!!!


Cheryl said...

I love the petunias in the cart. The flower garden is beautiful. We are not that hot. I think we are in the 60s today, which is unusual for us this time of year.

Have a wonderful evening.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Cheryl, I love that color petunias. Hoping they won't get leggy fast tho. Deadheaded them this afternoon. What a job when they are full like that but brought them in the house to do where it is air-conditioned! I like 70's weather best but we take what God gives us and thankful we aren't having floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or fires! Thanks for visiting! Nancy

Akannie said...

It's been crazy hot here too, Nancy...and the flowers are beautiful everywhere this year, aren't they? I love your yard...It is so..civilized...compared to mine, which looks like the wild border of a state park! lol

I have already repotted /filled in some petunia bowls...they get leggy fast...

Thanks for the garden tour!! I think I'll plant some borage somewhere!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Akannie, Our previous yard was more rustic and had a woods behind it. I liked that too but I like the white also and it seems to fit this yard. I like both looks! Good luck on planting your borage. It seems to be easy to grow! Thanks for visiting! Nancy

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! Love all the variety of colors and textures in your garden. You are right.... your yard is ablaze with color and it is beautiful. Those petunias are the prettiest color and look so healthy and love your lavender. I planted seeds this year, and not one single one came up. Thank you for showing us around.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Lisa, Happy to share my garden flower pictures with you! I bought plants sometime ago for the lavender but wondering if they need to be replaced as some of the leaves are looking a little yellow. So far this year it has been hot and dry but we have been watering quite a bit. Glad you stopped by! Nancy

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