Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carrots/Celery/Mystery flower!

The weather was sunny today and I couldn't wait to plant my carrots in the carrot boxes on the deck!  I planted Danvers Half Long carrots and am hoping for a yummy crop!

I read if you buy organic celery and immediately cut off the bottom inch of the bunch and plant it to half its depth in a pot of moist soil that it will grow a small new bunch of two or three stalks.  So I tried it and here are the pictures.  Can you see the little green growing in the middle?  Harvest when the little stalks are about 8 inches tall because the minimally rooted base won't be able to support a full-sized plant.

I love this flower.  A friend's daughter gave me a starter last year.  Can anyone help me with the name of it???  I thought she said brunnera but looked in my flower book and it doesn't look like the one they describe as brunnera.


Lib said...

NOt 100% sure but your flower looks like a "Forget Me Not"
Have a great week.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Lib, Yes, it does look like a for-get-me-not but it isn't. Bob looked it up on the internet and it is a brunnera. The picture on the internet looks like the one I have but the one in my flower book does not look quite like it. Thanks for commenting! Nancy

Gramz said...

Nancy, I love your celery! Had such a great time getting to know you yesterday. Hugs, Gramz

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Gramz, Thanks for commenting. Hoping we can continue getting to know each other better! Hope you will try out the celery idea!! Nancy

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