Saturday, March 31, 2012

Planted Johnny Jump-ups & Cold frame growth

The weather was nice this afternoon and I planted out my Johnny Jump-ups.  I am looking forward to lots of happy faces from them this year! 

Here is a little different view of it.

These are the things growing in my cold frame.  I planted the lettuce and spinach last fall and I keep snitching from them to add to my salads.  The parsley and swiss chard are left from last year.  The little stuff are things I just planted this year.


Joelle said...

Hey Nancy, I thought I would comment on your swiss chard. I too had some left from last year and my garden guy told me that it probably wouldn't be that good. He said it would be bitter because is was in the ground so long. Have you found that your's is bitter?

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Joelle, I had not heard that before about the swiss chard but I thought when I tasted the bigger leaf that it was bitter but I didn't think the smaller leaf was. I am not a big swiss chard fan so don't cook it that much. When I do, I just boil it and sometimes add a little balsamic vinegar on it on my plate. Maybe if I knew how to cook it tastier I would like it better. How do you fix yours? I do cut the leaves up without the stems and veins in my salads. Do you do that too? Nancy

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