Saturday, March 24, 2012

A little help picking the raspberries.

The fruit of our labor.


Joelle said...

I am so thrilled that you started your own blog. This is great. I have to ask, are your raspberries thornless? You are both diving in that all I can think of is how many scratches you must have gotten. Also, How do you keep them from taking over your lawn? I had raspberries at my old house and planted them in a box by themselves. Around the box was a rock path and they started coming up in the path and traveled under the path to my grass. I couldn't believe how invasive they were.

I would love to plant some in the garden but worry about the thorns with Kailey and don't want them to go crazy like they did at my old house.

Love the photos and your garden!!!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Joelle, Yes, my red raspberries do have thorns. Sometimes when reaching into the bushes I get scratched. Solved by wearing a long sleeve shirt! The girls pick around the edges mostly so don't seem to get scratched. They go out and pick everytime they come if there are any! The bushes do spread. I just pull out the runners and keep them under control. We love our raspberries! I did plant some blackberries and thought I was getting thornless. They were not thornless and reached out and grabbed us when we walked by! Needless to say, Bob dug them out and I ordered thornless! I would encourage you to try a patch of raspberries and just keep them under control just like some of the perennials that spread. Thanks for commenting. Nancy

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